Icons of Filth

...And an avalanche falls a mountain slide
Earth tremors an earthquake and people fall inside
A volcano erupts sky high and people die
And friends and relatives gather and cry
People always die
People always cry
People always die, we all die in the end
And as sure as this is to be expected
We see war as natural, a land to defend
Bent life and early death is factual and national
Virus infected
Gratefully accepted
We see the cruelty of death continually
Who needs war and it’s insanity?
Media glorifies and poorly justifies what we die for
R.I.P. with fables from a bible
Carefully selected
Hypodermic lies syringed at birth
Forever believed and blindly accepted
From thereon aided and abetted
Already pussing this virus needs sussing
Virus infected
Virus injected