Make Me Pay

Kyla La Grange

You’ll find me in the lake 
With the death I tried to fake 
My hands already blue 
Holding photographs of you
And you’ll ask me what it is 
Why I want to feel like this
And i’ll turn towards the sky
And I’ll sink before your eyes

But if I was to ask
My little love, my little one
Could you break my heart
Could you have tried, could you have done?
To make me pay, make me pay, make me pay
To make me pay, for what I don’t do
Make me pay, for how I loved you
May me pay, make me pay, make me pay.

You”l find me in the woods
Where the dead do what they should
My arms already old
My eyes forever cold
And they’ll say I never left
That I called them as they slept 
That I haunted every tree
Til the forest sang with me

But if it all was true
That I went mad, because of you
Then finally you’d know
And you could come and take me home
Take me home, Take me home, Take me home
Take me home, and help me love you
Take me home, to where my heart moves
Take me home, take me home, take me home