Metal Idiot

Gama Bomb

I saw this fella with a skinhead at the front row of the show
He's telling me come down, he's shrieking, freaking everybody out
His brain is fried, you can tell it from the look in his eye
Local Nazis, why'd you bother wanna waste my time?

Come here to play a show, now local Mussolini wants a go
Do what we want, when we want, we're not competing with Neanderthals
Someone called security, they're watching me like I'm Jacky O
This is how it's gonna go

If you want a picture of the future it's a kick in the face
You're all alone in this place
Clinging to the past, you're a total disgrace
You're no master race

Here's a lesson, you can speak your mind but it's never trouble-free
If you've got a brain you know it's your responsibility
Don't turn your cheek if someone's talking shit
The human race will thank you for it

If anybody says you're preaching tell them silence is consent
The voice of reason is a weapon, you've gotta use it with just one intent
The paranoia, persecution, preconception, don't be in any doubt
You've gotta say fuck 'em- stamp it out