Return To Blood Castle

Gama Bomb

Back to the castle
Returning you might say
There's a vat of brains and it's brain mashing day, 
The lord of the manor has been up to no good
And now he must pay

Refined psychopath with a metal jaw
Primitive justice comes to call
An angry mob approaches
Peasants the lot of them
Toting a priest and some pitchforks
Just like a Dracula film

They were here once before
Got no satisfaction
Ruling with a steel jaw, brain wine concoction, 
He thought it was fine to mash up their heads
Now he meets his destruction
So tear down the gates and slash up the drapes
For a baron of blood there can be no escape
Found in the garden
Unsuspecting fool
Grabbed by the locals
Gouged up with a spoon

We know how to deal with your sort
We'll make no mistake
Crudely shear his head before they fry him at the stake
Crush his minions in a rage as they batter him with sticks, 
Setting fires, they're saying prayers
Violence and righteousness is surely a winning mix

Blood! Blood! We want blood! 
Back for the attack
Hack! Slash! Cut a dash - it's good to get your own back