Dawn Golden

I can't stand that hypnotizing masquerade that is draining me 
 Synchronizing brains and feelings 
 Paralyzing fantasy 

 Where is the sense behind this illusion? 
 Slaves to machines can't stop the confusion 

 My eyes are blent 
 They won't repent ursurping the dominion of my mind 
 Truth mixed with lies, fools' paradise 
 Drifting through their maze of hollow worlds 

 This is the final tragedy 
 The revelation in front of me 
 Now I can see the link to where worlds are born 
 There is no truth after all 
 It is on you... 
 Master or slave... 

 Masquerade is no disguise 
 There are no gods in empty skies 
 Man creates what man's world is 
 No one is there for my release