Metaphore Warfare

Urban Dance Squad

I'm like batman, I'm glad man, I swing my boomerang
clock stetsons ­­ heads on ­­ catch attention
grab retired mc's their pensions
dimension ­­ suspension, switch a button
head runs like an engine ­­ should I mention
brain excites after few grand donation - ovation
brain ignites like benzedrine
dieseloil, slick to be coil, foil
spittin' rhymes like a gargoyle
mccoy all, destroy all who try to soil
my ground, path, space, even my zone
the clone - the one who rocks his mouth proud, soon sucks a syphon
laxative, crap the shit, hyperactive for the bowels
baby mc's should be clean ­­ here's the towel
diaper, 'cos I'm hyper ­­ plus I'm the babysit
what time is it - time to refresh kid - my wit, you bit
my funky cuckoo crap - runs outta your ass kid - shit
smell scents, whack mc's' fragrance
heap of waste, crap-mc jams
take a pick, take a style if you dare
'cos I'm prepared for metaphore warfare
stunner to the crumb-bun, I'm like a plumber
pull yo brainplug, flow down the lump
tumor, bummer, diseased cells make you lumber
infect your humor, call my number
again - the man - wit pepjam, medicine, anacin
vitamin - penicillin
pencil-push bacteria, you can't skill 'em
local rapeteria for topbillin'
slobbin' - nil and - timekillin'
for caterpillarin' - my rap caters like plants
rap insects build eggs to propagate
to a butterfly phase to flaunt beauty
wings fully detailed, all surrogate for
your lyrics, but you forgot to wipe the booty
moody ­­ I'm not ­­ sting like a bee on gerry cooney
hocus pocus - styles to pick the one to whose bogus I
focus my antenna, I'm gonna plague your dome like locust
mentis - hench this - you like beans and cabbage
the ambitions so nutritious ­­ so call me beast or savage
your style is poor, hard to score, against the carnivore
you got beef ready ­­ plus be steady on a metaphore
take a pick, take a style if you dare
'cos I'm prepared for metaphore warfare