Alone And Cold

Happy Days

Down again!
Here alone,the hidden wounds
No more here,i am gone

Down Im Again
Lost,Gray and Cold
Im suffering, waiting you..
Embracing the false hope.

Fuck you, i am gone
There is no way to came out
Absolute suffering
Deep in my Heart
I am lost, lost in blood

I wander alone,wishpering unto you
Night that wept, and returns again
My fallen, specimen 
No, not you!
Any feeling is gone, Now!
Traveling on endless tunnels
Im lost in every corner

Down! False!
How i wish you were here.
Returning and returning to nowhere
Watch me, and touch me, and feel the cold skin
Now! i failed again, i am bloodsoaked
For i have lost my mind

Alone and Cold
Here i am, really?
All is dead, ther´s only breathing wounds
Night returns again, and take my hand
Leading to salvation,
Salvation trough pain

Everything seems so distant!
So i am alone now,
but thats not something new
Since i have failed, my skin is dead

Everything has changed..