Papa Cool

The Kelly Family

Papa and Maite are the two fattiest,
So flatter me don't worry,
I've got no complexy.

Papa and Maite are the two fattiest,
If you got it you flaunt it
Like humpty dumpty.

Our Papa is so cool, cause he gave us all the rules.
We sing in five languages, we've been through the long voyage.
We're a singing band, and we strongly give our Punch,
And we live in our big coaster boat.

I was born as Paddy in my big family,
I make the cheese and butter very easily.
They call me the poet, 'cause I'm filled with poetry,
Wich I found lately, that is like a falling tree.

Our Papa is so cool...

My Name is Barby and I live in a big coaster,
I hang all the clothes on the big white deck.
I play the percussions and the accordion,
And I like to sing and dance with my family.

Our Papa is so cool...

Angelo says in the middle of the night:
"I'm not gonna pee-pee in my bed tonight."
Angelo wakes up in the morning,
He goes to the toilet, finds out did pee-pee.

Our Papa is so cool...