Pan Am Highway Blues

ZZ Top

1. I've gotten good at missin' her
   D5  A5
   I practice all the time
   while I drive the ran am highway through
             D5                   A5
   with that cactus friend of mine
   D5                                              A5
   it's gettin' hard to see the white line rollin' by
   D5                                  E5
   I can't forget her memry deep inside

2. Dropped a bundle down in panama,
   but the loss didn't do me no good
   spendin' cash and talkin' trash
   don't do it like it should
   I realized I just couldn't buy her smile
   I'll keep tryin' on that pan am mile by mile

3. If she'd meet me in San Salvador,
   i'd buy her a drink or two
   we'd talk about our used to be and
   ride on to Peru
   the time to get it right is here and now
   and if she won't i'll move on anyhow