Answer Me, My Love

Nat King Cole

D          A
Answer me, oh, my love;
  G                Gmi     D
Just what sin have I been guilty of?
G6                    D
Tell me how I came to lose your love,
Fdimi  Emi7   A7      D
Please answer me, my love.
 D             A
You were mine yesterday;
G               Gmi      D
I believed that love was here to stay.
G6                           D
Won't you tell me where I've gone astray?
Fdimi  Emi7   A7/5-     D
Please answer me, my love.

F#mi                   D7              F#mi
If you're happier without me, I'll try not to care;
                          Dmi7           E7           A7
But if you still think about me, please listen to my prayer.
D             A
You must know I've been true;
G                  Gmi      D
Won't you say that we can start anew?
G6                  D
In my sorrow, now I turn to you;
Fdimi  Emi7   A9  A7/9- D6
Please answer me, my love.