Jackie left on a cold, dark night
Telling me he'd be home
He sailed the sea for a hundred years
And left me all alone

Now, I've been dead for twenty years
I've been washing the sand
With my ghostly tears
Searching the shores for my Jackie

And I remember the day that
The young man came
Said your Jackie's gone he's lost in the rain
And I ran to the beach
(Laid me down)

You're all wrong, I said as they stared
To the sand, that man knows the sea
Like the back of his hand, he'll be back
Sometime, laughing at you

I've been waiting all this time
For my man to come
Take his hand in mine
And lead me away to unseen shores

I've been washing the sand
With my salty tears
Searching the shores these long years
And I walked the sea forevermore
Till I find my Jackie


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