Children Of Kosovo

Kelly Family

I believe someone´s out there
who´s gonna help me give
a nameless
child loving care
I believe you are out there
you´re gonna help me give the
children loving care
So much hate has turnedto vengeance
Al the laughter has turned
to crying
while the mothers lose
their children
from the war
I am hungry and I´m cold andI have no one to hold for
my mother and my father are
dead and gone
whrere do I belong

This children of Kosovo
are crying for a helping hand
the children of Kosovo
are dreamning of a peaceful land

They have beaten myolder brother
they have torn away my sister
I`m afraid I want revenge
Is there no other way

Let´s hold our hands tightly together
and think as one forever
You andI can make a
change for a better world
no more war