Who'll Come with Me (David's Song)

Kelly Family

Emi; Emi G A Hmi; Emi G A H; D G Emi A Hmi Emi 
Emi     D         G 
Who´ll come with me? 
             A              Hmi 
Don´t be afraid, I know the way. 
Emi              G 
Who´ll sing with me? 
             A               H 
Don´t be afraid, I know the way. 
     D                 G  Emi               A 
     Who´ll dance with me all through the world? 
      Fmi#            Hmi               Emi 
     Don´t be afraid, I´ll show the way. 
We´ll go with you? 
We searched our way to find your star. 
Who´ll come with us? 
Don´t be afraid, we found our way. 
     Who´ll fly with me to reach a star? 
     Don´t be afraid, I know the way. 
     Emi                          Hmi 
     Hello to all you young ones, our fondest hopes now rest in you. 
     Emi                                     C          Hmi 
     Remember, there’s nothing you can’t do! So belive and be brave! 
Who´ll be my friend 
and walk with me and sing this song? 
Who´ll laugh with me? 
We´ll change the world and set it free. 
     D          G 
     We´ll walk with you! 
     Emi        A 
     We´ll be your friends! 
     F#mi       Hmi 
     We´ll sing your song! 
     We know the way! 

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