Hello Mary Lou

- Ostatní

            G           C
R: Well hello Mary Lou goodbye heart
          G                           D
   sweet Mary Lou I'm so in love with you
       G            H7         Emi
   I knew Mary Lou we'd never part
          A7      D           G
   so hello Mary Lou goodbye heart.

1. Well I passed you one sunny day
   flashed them big brown eyes my way
     G                          D
   knew I want you see forever more
   you know that I don't do the round
   swear my feet stuck to the ground
   G               D          G
   oh I never did meet you before.

2. Well I saw your lips I heard your voice
   lowdy I just had no choice
   horses couldn't make me stay away
   I dreamed about that moonlight night
   arms around you good-n-tight
   all I had to do was sit and say.

               A7      D           G
R: + [: so hello Mary Lou goodbye heart. :]

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