Anglické písničky (směs)

        G                        Emi
1. We started out from Bern one sunny August morn
     C                                              G
   there was just the four of us against the Matterhorn
             Emi                        G
   there was Albert the Australian and John the Irishman
    C                                        G
   me and Bill from Britain mad dogs in the sun.

          Emi        G
R: Matterhorn Matterhorn
    C                  G                 C              G
   men have tried and men have died to climb the Matterhorn
         C            G
   that mighty Matterhorn.

2. Two miles up we lost John and the ration fell below
   Al and Bill were laying beneath an avalanche of snow
   now here I am all alone and I know I cannot stop
   two more yards in front of me before I reach the top.

3. Now here I am a-dying upon the Matterhorn
   not a grave for me to lie in not a thing to keep me warm
   the Queen would surely knight me if I could get back down
   but it's closer here to heaven than it is back to the ground.