Ascension Day


These are the days of evil perfection 
this is the world of torture and fame 
this is the age of most vicious infection 
these are the times of terror and pain 

let them inside and they build you a nightmare 
show them, you fool, it'll not be in vain 
here is your costume of deepest surrender 
these are the times of terror and pain 

i wanna ride on a crest of sensation 
i wanna scream in the whirlpools of love 
i wanna drown in a climax of thunder 
i wanna be with the fools in the storm 

do what you want and then die when you want to 
we're gonna walk on the blood of the meek 
we're gonna sail through the oceans of wonder 
we're gonna live in the dreams that we seek 

send in the parasite clowns on their horses 
send in the idiots and let them advance 
send in the monsters of your own creation 
send them all in and give them a chance 

we're gonna dance to the sweetest of music 
we're gonna play with the whores in the rain 
we'll dissipate the lord's last temptations 
all in a crossfire of torture and fame