Looking For A Star


This is a story about a washed-up husband
It could have been, if people named him (?)

Let's go!

She claims she's hot
But I could swear on my life she's not
She's strange, a bit odd
She's a ? begging for a job
Please, go

I'm a gift from God, boy you know this
You're looking up for future of showbiz
I'm a queen and I'm taking no shit
(We'll call you later, don't call us)

Hey girls, hey boys
Everybody come on, act like you know
We're looking for a star to host a star show
Ladies and gents
Get your success or we'll let it go
We're looking for a star to host a star show

Next please, a new face
I caress ? back to her waist
Nice legs, sweet toes
Can't believe who just walked through the door
She's bad



No matter what you say to me today
Won't keep me from believing my own ?
(You'll never got an agent, lady, go)
Here and now what have seen
Everyone who says you have to go
Wanna be a star in their own show
Here and now, here we go


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