Raise Your Horns

Torture Squad

Roaming the streets searching for something that's true
I hear the sound, tear up the ground
Enter the wrecking crew
Like an invasion of killer bees ready to attack
Jump in the fire, I'm a live wire
There's no way back

Into the mosh pit dancing the groove hell
Stage divers, crowd surfers
Raise your fist and yell
It's in my blood since I was born
Raw energy inside of me
Now you will feel my scorn

Raise your horns
Unleash demons now
Raise your horns
True religion, free religion

Bang your heads, bash your brains
Shouting, screaming
Beneath the remains
I don't care what you say about me and my friends
Leave me alone, I'm bad to the bone
You'll never understand

Banging your head, feeling the sound blasting your body and soul
Electric discharge raping your ears, bleeding about to blow
Twisting and burning, your blood is boiling, merciless pounding in pain
No way out to those who are fucking weaks, I'm a banger!

This is the moment to celebrate the life
I'm free, trust me
This is my way of life
I pratice what I preach and I try to win
I don't care, mosh addiction
Get fucking ready to...

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