Zimmer Hans

Blackbeard is a musical theme composed by Hans Zimmer 
for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It 
appeared as a track on the film's soundtrack.

The three new themes for Blackbeard and the Queen 
Anne's Revenge, as they are heard in "Blackbeard"

The track consists of almost entirely new music, split 
into three parts. The first is an exposition of his new 
themes, followed by an action variation of the Queen 
Anne's Revenge. The second is a jolly skipping arpeggio 
on the bass instruments with hints of the opening of 
"On Stranger Tides" suite, followed tragic re-
orchestration of Blackbeard's theme for his demise. The 
final section is another variation of the Queen Anne's 
Revenge theme before restating the three note 
descending figure from the end of "A Family Affair".
The track can be split into three "strains". The first 
strain begins with a descending chromatic passage while 
the chords alternate between I and V diminished (this 
is technically a very minor motif for the character, 
and is heard again in the track "Ignorance Is Bliss " 
from the expended score). There is then a six note 
pedal figure which is a minor motif for Blackbeard and 
the Queen Anne's Revenge. The track then moves into 
Blackbeard's main theme, which is stated three times, 
accompanied with syncopated chords in the bass. This is 
followed by a return of the six note figure, repeated 
four times (each with the third of the chord missing, 
giving it a medieval sound). The strain is ended with 
two repeats of the Queen Anne's Revenge theme, 
underscored with two sets of sixthlets per bar, and 
then a final loud statement of the six note figure.
The second strain begins with skipping cello arpeggios, 
with subtle hints of "On Stranger Tides". There are 
then several incomplete renditions of Blackbeard's 
theme, modulating through various different keys.

The third and final strain features a driving ostinato 
rhythm in the bass, alternating between D and Ab, and 
overlayed by a variation on the Queen Anne's Revenge 
theme, and finishes with a solemn statements of the 
final seconds of "A Family Affair".

The first strain marks Blackbeard's first appearance in 
On Stranger Tides. The powerful statement of the Queen 
Anne's Revenge theme can be heard when Blackbeard hangs 
the mutineers. The second strain plays during 
Blackbeard's death, where he realizes he has been 
tricked into sacrificing himself before being consumed 
by the Fountain. The the third strain accompanies the 
Cook's punishment by the Greek fire cannons.

The track appears to be arranged in concert suite 
format (similar to "The Kraken"), however it is 
actually a compilation of music from three scenes from 
the film.
The music is not in chronological order; the third 
strain should be in between the first and the second.
The official piano transcription is slightly different 
to the version heard on the soundtrack.
The version on the demo score features the three 
strains as separate tracks: "Blackbeard", "Blackbeard's 
Demise" and "Fry The Cook", respectively.
"Blackbeard" was one of the few tracks to use 
synthesizers, as Zimmer wanted a more "organic" feel 
for the fourth score.