Swahili Bob


Swahili Bob would do a strange thing
He'd sit there and make the telephone ring
You pick it up, and he's talkin' to you
Just sitting there--his lips would not move

Swahili Bob was a real scumbag
He did his phone tricks dressed up in drag
The filthiest things would come from his mouth
He ran a bisexual puppet show way down south

Swahili Bob

Swahili Bob


Bob would show up at a party dressed in red
While waving a dead chicken over his head
Swahili Bob was a talented guy
Who'd want to kill him? I don't know why

Swahili Bob did his phone trick one night
Pissed off some bikers, started a fight
They cut out his tongue and nailed it to the wall
Swahili Bob will never again call
Swahili Bob will never again call
Swahili Bob

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