Goat Worship


A merciless stand triumphant
In the glare of the burning sun
Enlightened by all evil, Satan the earthly one!
A shining gold pentagram seen by billions
And to all the non believers
Where's your fucking judeo God now!?!?????

I am worshipper of Satan
I am a warrior of the nekrokult
I am a ruler of global death
I want destruction
Under the sign of the goat
I want destruction and I want eternal war

A grim terrorist rapes the world
And becoming one with holy death
(All) shred to pieces by the winds of hell
A new (victorious) age of killing humans
His pentagram reign (supreme)
Let's leave this meaningless carnal hell
And enter the void of nothingness

I want to kill this world
I want to torture
I praise the kult of the goat
I am a terrorist
I hate all fucking life
I worship the sign of the goat

A violent fire will scorch the earth
In the last days of mankind
The grim end of all existence
SATAN is Endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And flames (will) lit the nightsky
Come dmnation, the fall of mankind
And all imaginary Gods...

I am a messenger of Hell
I am a Hellcommander!!!!!!!
I worship Satan
I hate all life
I worship the sign of the goat
I hate this fucking world, I want to die
Under the sign of the goat

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