Consider Me

Floyd Eddie

I know you're tryin' to be a big girl
And keep the tears from your eyes
And it's going to be a little hard
To lift your head up high
And you're gonna need a man
A man who'll understand
Whoa darlin' darlin' darlin'
Please consider me

Well I know that all your friends 
Have left you all alone
And all the good times you had with them are gone
So you need yourself a man
Yeah and I'll understand
Well darlin', darlin', darlin' 
Please consider me

Baby, oh I've felt this way before
Many many many many many times before
So you've got to have a man
Yeah and you know I'll understand
Whoa darlin', darlin', darlin'
Just consider me

I don't want to be left on the outside
Please consider me babe
I don't want to be left all alone
Please consider me yeah
I don't want to be left on the outside baby
Please consider me yeah