Meet Mr. Lonely

Sheb Wooley

Well now the time has come when I'm not pleasin' you
It's all because somebody else is teasin' you
But he don't know how much it means my losing you
Oh oh oh meet Mr Lonely

If that's the way it crumbles I'm in cast of wise
I wish that I could wear a smile as my disguise
But I just can't seem to keep these teardrops from my eyes
Uh uh uh meet Mr Lonely

You turned my world upside down
Wish that I could hide this heartache long enough to paint the town

Forget about the past and find somebody new
That's just a thing I cannot bring myself to do
I say I'm through and then I go on loving you
Uh uh uh meet Mr Lonely (Mr Lonely)
Uh uh uh meet Mr Lonely