Stillbirth Machine

Order From Chaos

I am an alien from another world 
 Sent to communicate a message 
 Of wisdom I speak but no one hears me 
 Deaf ears, dull eyes leave me behind 

 Encased inside blooded flesh 
 I communicate my message of truth 
 But you are senseless 
 To what should never have been forgotten 
 The walls are built higher and stronger 
 Word by word, the walls of ignorance 
 And the worm procreates in my belly 

 Begat of spite and hate 
 I must pay the wage of sin 
 Delusions of grandeur 
 Until my birth starts again 

 Contractions warm this beating heart 
 Umbilically chained to the machine 
 Re-emergence of a second coming 
 Deliverance into the barren world 
 Infanticidal process of regurgitation 
 And the chrisom's tears cannot dry 

 Realization hits like a hammer 
 As societal stillbirth machine rolls on 
 Rusty gears feeding itself confusion 
 I choke and gasp on this poisoned world 
 And see myself and other human wreckage 
 If I had just one wish it would be 
 To crawl back into the womb 

 Hope is the lie that gropes towards doom 
 Blind leading blind 
 What we were, we are, and forever will be 
 Thy will be done 

 Ignorant worms 
 White blind and deaf 
 And forever doomed 
 Groping futility in the sunlight 
 And machinations of the truth 

 Breaths of pollutants spout from the lips 
 Protective measures gas mask welds with flesh 
 Adaptation mutation self preservation 

 The curse of wisdom 
 I see with my eyes plucked out 
 I hear with my ears crushed 
 Plead for freedom 
 Taste the salt (tears for humanity) 
 Tears plow furrows down my cheeks 
 What have I done 
 Now I know that ignorance is bliss 

 When I did crawl from the blighted womb 
 Childlike spawn of diseased ovum 
 Warmth of pain is gone 
 My message is clear 
 We are like them - you and I are one 
 Stunted embryonic forms 
 No wisdom unintelligible products of the 
 Stillbirth machine 

 Why did I ever think I was not 
 We are like them 
 And I grope blindly in the light 
 You and I are one 
 Truth sears flesh withers (can't read this bit) 
 I was wrong 
 I am nothingness I am dust