Dolly House

Spragga Benz

Well when it come to me an my woman mi nuh joke
An a bwoy si mi an mi woman an mek di wrong approach
Jah know, mi gooda crush dat like a cockroach
Yuh understan
Spragga Benz again 
Ah badman sitten

Nuh Bwoy caan play dolly house wid mi gal
Mi wi step inna him face, inna him face
Nuh care if a sargeant or general
Mi wi step inna yuh face, inna yuh face
A bwoy try dis mi wi play di ginal
An step inna yuh face, inna yuh face
And all dogheart talk to mi federal
Mi wi step inna yuh face, inna yuh face

Ah got one life to live an mi naah be nuh punk
Mi naah mek nuh guy mek mi sleep pon bunk
Mi under mi Guinness but don't think mi drunk
Yuh gooda get a magnum conk

2.Ah bwoy get bright an a pass him place
A pure big talk when him a pass mi base
Bout how him waan mi gal fi deal wid har case
Mi haffi hol him an spawns him face

3. Through him see mi inna mi Calvin Klein an mi Vasace ohh
I'm mussi think say mi easy
look how mi beg him fi walk mi out
Caw mi a wicked bwoy, but him never believe mi
Now sayka him the whole place a run tense
See mi an mi friend dem an a tek pure fence
Ah run up an dung like him nuh have nuh sense
But wi have all confidence