Souls Of Thousands

One Without

Slowly I stick my hand
Into the merged soul
Of a thousand corpses
I wanna feel how it feels
To become one without boundaries

A heightened state of being
Where differences have faded
And the present
Is the future and the past

The eye of the dead
Have turned to white stone
Blinded by the sheerness
Of their naked sore open souls
Which slowly pulls me deeper
And deeper down into

A world I wanna live in
Where everything is clear
As it should be as it can be

Washed away is my sense of time
I'm going nowhere
Yet I'm moving.
I've never felt this alive

I've finally reached
A sense of purpose
And nothing can hurt me anymore
I'm not in reach of your lies
A calm bright light
Is shining from their eyes
It tells my soul to stay be their side
I heed the calling