Hard In Da Paint



Listen, I'm hard in the paint
Hard in the pavement you artist are fake
Right here in the hood far from away
N**gas seem to think that their far from a spray
Aint no point in acting all hard if you aint
Cause n**gas crimes over here are far from a fray
I was doing like a Zed and half in the day
Sitting in the trap house grafting away
Listening to the radio, after a play
Now I jump on the aeroplane, pass though the A
Since my album came out been starving the game
Hustle on video, hard shxt again
My and Idris stunting hard in the range
Like n**ga fxck the backstreet park on the main
I'm far from a saint
All guerrillas round here your far from an ape
Hollowmans back hard to restrain
Eating everyones food now pass me a plate
This is passionate rap

I aint gassin when I say I got a rassional straps
N**gas rap good but they aint wrapping the facts
Couple new tunes n**gas getting happy and that
I told them I'll be back in a flash
Switch my phone up cause a n**gas ducking the tap
This a massive attack
I'm just up in the stacks
What you think I still aint got straps up in them flats
All the gossips over
N**gas like rocks that will watch my shoulder
Thank the Lord everyday I know he's watching over
Until my soul leaves my body and it crosses over
Record label meetings I call the bosses over
I aint selling out n**ga I aint crossing over
Fxck that washed up shxt time to cross it over
This is gangster raps time all that pop shxts over
Hotel suite call some hotties over
Couple bxtches on the phone yeah they stopping over
Same bxtch this n**ga flossin over
Wants hollowman to come around and bring the sausage over
It's been a long time I dropped a soldier
I waited on the link to bring some boxes over
But I can still tell nuts to bring the watsit over
It just takes a phone call to get you tuckled over

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