Hell No


You looked me in my face and had the nerve to say that chick that called
You on your cell phone wasnt at your place
The stupid things you do, you gotta be a fool, you took my love for granted
Now I'm takeing it back from you

How could you straight up lie I thought you were by my side
Now I know what to think of you
Heres two words I'd like to say to you

Hell no.
I don't need your doe
I'm not going be your ho
You can keep your ring
Tough shit I see your full of it
I'm not going to be your bitch I don't care about your bling

I must admit I got caught up in your game to the night we were makeing love
And you called someone elses name
What the fuck whos the bitch that your sleeping with I really got to know right now
Cause somebody else gotta feel it

[Chorus x2]

I can do without you
I don't really need a thing
I gave you all the love I had, you kept me on a string
Just to think I thaught I loved you what the hell was on my mind I'm a big girl and
I'm going to be alright its time for me to shine

I don't need you
I don't want you you can leave now so longgggggg

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