Zone Of Alienation


Welcome stranger, welcome to our lands
A sense of danger you cannot understand
This hazardous environment separates the strong from the weak
No longer to be inherited by the meek

Abandon all hope all ye who enter here
You're hanging by a rope and the end is drawing here
Radiation sickness strikes, it's time for you to meet your fate
Genetic blueprints melt down and mutate

A thousand eyes are watching from behind the windowpanes
Children of the nuclear fallout rain
Heavy Metal mutants of a vicious biosphere
Evolution's final frontier

In the Zone of Alienation
Deep behind forbidden lines
In the Zone of Alienation
You may find the key to what is a higher form of life

Commander of the mutants, ruler of the freaks
Toxic wastelands spawn the New Elite
Warrior king, pick your queen time to breed the future strong
In this Darwinistic playground this won't take too long