Scars of Life

Fake a smile, I force a tear
To show an illusion that I care.
I would rather you just shut your mouth
Then listen to the bullshit you spew out.
I don’t want this, or do I need this?
Its getting way to hard to hold my tongue.
There’s a door that’s blocking off my way
But there’s so much more I want to say

I just cant be around you
Still hiding from this life
And the more I keep looking at you
I feel this growing inside

See through me, I beg of you
I don’t know what more I can do
and I know that you won’t understand
Your only doing the least of what you can
I cant fake this, want to erase it
I have had about all that I can take
There’s a path that’s calling out my name
Its a road I know I'll never take

I've tried to go my way, escaping from you
Not listening to what you say, I don’t need you
Feelings slowly fade away with time
The hate is growing inside