Em                    H7 
1. Where are those happy days?
                         Em H7 Em
   They seem so hard to find
   I try to reach for you
   But you have closed your mind
   G                 D             
   Whatever happened to our love
   A               Em  
   I wish I understood
   It used to be so nice
                    Em H7 Em D Em D G C 
   It used to be so good

   G                D      A  
R: So when you’re near me, darling
              C       G C G C
   Can’t you hear me? S.O.S.
   The love you gave me
   Nothing else can save me, S.O.S.
   When you’re gone
           Dis    F         G 
   How can I even try to go on?
   When you’re, though I try 
   How can I carry on?
2. You seem so far away
   Though you are standing near
   You made me feel alive 
   But something died I fear
   I really try to make it out
   I wish I understood
   What happened to our love?
   It used to be so good.

R: So when you’re near me, darling...

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