Warhorns Of Midgard


The clouds in the sky begin to hide
The land for years Ive called mine
A war unknown to the worlds
Calling the last fearless hearts

Gathering the clans to fulfil our fate
Ready to fight till the dawn of the day
Brave wolves in the heat of the hunt
Well rise again when the morning comes

Blow your horn
The horn of war
Hoist our banner
Tattered and black

Side by side the arms up high
We form a wall of honor and pride
Uncertain to see them alive
Your home, your son, your own wife

50 thousand men are glimming afield
Every stride and chant quakes my shield
Upon the hill their war machinery hushes
Waiting to kill

Black raven circuit the field
I see their eyes greedy starring at me
Descendents clucked by death
Foreboders of our fate

The bones sliver
Steel bursts
Blood creeps
Men fall

Fight for honor
And die for pride

Warhorns of Midgard the forecast of war
Warhorns of Midgard will never fall silent

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