West Of Texas

The Frustrators

You know it seems like everytime I turn around I'm looking the other way. 
I don't know what it was about that place, 
but there was always people behind me. 
People kept stepping on my heels. 
So I see myself getting into my pickup truck, 
and there in the passenger seat, I see my dog staring at me with one eye. 
I don't turn right onto my street. 
I just keep driving and the world spins beneath my feet. 
Get me out of here, anywhere at all. 
Get me out of here, I don't care at all. 

I'm driving down highway ten. 
I look in my rearview mirror, there's that cop again. 
God knows how long he's been there. 
Don't want to get trapped inside my head. 
I remember everything they said. I want you all out of my brain. 
You won't drive me crazy. I'd rather drive myself insane. 
Get me out of here, anywhere at all. 
Get me out of here. I don't care at all. 

So I look again, and the cop is gone. Or is he in front of me now? 
I don't know. I can't be sure. So I pull off the road. 
I must've barrelled down that dirt trail ten or eleven miles into the desert
before I ran out of gas. 
I stepped out of my truck into the blazing Texas heat, 
and I turned to see my dog puking out the last of my lunch. 
I was shit out of luck. So I reached into my survival skills, and realizaed I didn't have any. 
You now someone once told me you can suck water out of a rock. 
I don't know who told me that, but it doesn't work. 
I don't know how I got west of Texas. Get me out of here.

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