Deus Absconditus: Part II


And as I watched him writhe in pain 
I felt that familiar horror; 
Struggling to breath and console my fear, 
I realized once again 

The true nature of existence. 
That awful reality I've tried to forget 
Since I was young. 

“Deus Absconditus” 
The eternal void that awaits us all, 
“God who is hidden from man” 
Whether Erthwile bound or a Relic like me; 

The infinite measure of time and space 
Captures each of us for all eternity. 

“Deus Absconditus” 
No one knows what lies beyond, 
“God who is hidden from man” 
But it matters not to me 

Whether it is a neverending paradise, 
A burning pit of fire, 
Or a void of non-existence. 

Whatever horrors or pleasures 
Await us after this life 
Will never eclipse the cold chill 
Of time's endless decay.