Adulta Hieme

Ephel Duath

When the silence rules lost souls
 and cold is falling to raze mortals
 the Winter is coming

 Hearing the breath of nightfall
 I prepare myself
 Illuminated by frozen moon
 I set out

 And the Winter cold arrives
 a gruesome dance
 draws me to the forest
 colors of a painful death
 skip maliciously
 I feel the softness of pain

 I break off the withred arms
 Blind for obscurity
 I can hear painful wailing

 Consumed by grief
 I admit the magnificence of winter
 Black emperor burns everything
 he draws the distressing fate
 of anyone who clashes with him
 And when the shadow embraces moon
 and also light will die
 only a shining mist I see
 like a cursed chillness shrouds life

 A low sorrow of rebirth
 a crysalisis grows an obscure evil
 Master your cape gazes ancient nature

 Take me and let me see your dreadful face
 I will escort you in the inexorable ride

 And the winter...

 Frost lacerates the sky
 The black appearance like a shadow
 descends to the melancholy of forest
 Now I can prostrate myself to your magnifience

 And you rage breaks loose
 a warm numbness embraces me
 I become drowsy
 now the winter is in me