Black Prism

Ephel Duath

I lie between layers of perception
 I'm neither here or there
 Twice but still nothing
 My image multiplies while my sight plays dead and regress

 I've lost any mass
 Mutant consistence
 My shadow is no more
 Tied to dimensions
 I don't belong to
 My center is now a black prism
 Reflecting nothing but
 Floating cemetery flames

 Look through me as I dissolve
 Try to catch a glimpse or something
 And give it back
 Feed the circle

 There's an old root
 I spotted
 Big hole like that cancerous lung
 I'll hide in there I think
 Playing as the mist
 Slowing raising from the soil
 While I keep dissolving into thin cold air

 My arms as dried branches
 My heart as an old burl
 Let's get a fire on
 At least
 Smoke I inhale
 Smoke I may become
 I'm neither here or there
 Neither here or there

 Solitude is what I keep being called to stand for
 A ghost trail
 I keep find directions for
 Keep walking one way
 Keep leaving no trace
 Keep being blind
 Keep looking up to the sky.