Good Night, Irene

Cash Johnny

   G           D7                 G
R: Irene, good night, Irene, good night.
              G7          C     Am
   Good night Irene, good night Irene,
   D7                 G
   I`ll see you in my dreams.

   G                         D7
1. Last saturday night I got married
   Me and my wife settled down
   Now my wife and I for a party
   C     A    D7                 G
   gonna take another stroll downtown

R: Irene...

2. Sometimes I live in the country
   Sometimes I live in the town
   Sometimes I take a fool notion
   To jump in the ocean and drown

R: Irene...

3. Stop your ramblin` stop your gamblin`
   Stop stayin` up late at night
   Go home to your wife and family
   Stay there by fireside bright

R: Irene...