In Hell I Burn


The Night, The screams, The Blood, the horror
The stench, the flames, the despair, the pain

I burn in the pools of hell
My flesh, it reeks of corpses
I wish I was just a corpse
Then the pain would stop torturing me forever

Salt in my open wounds
Burning through my senses
My heart scorched black by the flames
As black as my soul in my earthly life

Noooo, Lord
Please, forgive me

I am too late, my soul is already condemned
For eternal torture in this pool of hell

I remember the face of Jesus
At the Day of Judgement
When He watched me being condemned
For not accepting His Sacrifice

God, I wish I accepted Your love in my life
So I would never burn in this agony
I wish my soul was not spent
So I would reign beside you as a king