Circle Of Life


Born as a workman in Metropolis,
He touched the circle of life.
Lost his love by a convition of adultery,
Hurted the circle of life, and try to awake the arcane mights.

Deep under she heard him yearning to the gods,
She hoped for a sign of life.
Discovered a weak ray that his spell cutted through the night
And seized this rope of life.

"Oh, my maid, I will promise you
I will speak the final spell
To return you from the underworld
where you dwell!"

"I'll raise your limbs into your sun,
praying: "Hades, please, give her free!
So the other hand you'll get in return
Will be mine!"

Led her to the river Acheron, where Charon shippes
The souls that have paid for life.
With a wink he invited her to come on board:
"I've already been paid to bring you back to your life"