Red Dwarf Theme (Filmové melodie)

C Emi It's cold outside, F there's no kind of atmosphere. C Bb I'm all alone, A more or less. F Let me fly, D/F# far away from here. G Bb A Fun, fun, fun, Dmi G# G in the sun, sun, sun. D F#mi I want to lie, G shipwrecked and comatose. D C Drinking fresh, B mango juice. G Goldfish shoals, E/G# nibbling at my toes. A C B Fun, fun, fun, Emi Bb A in the sun, sun, sun. A C B Fun, fun, fun, Emi Bb A in the sun, sun, sun. **Solo** I'll pack my bags, and head into hyperspace. Where I'll succeed, at time-warp speed. Spend my days, in ultraviolet rays. Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun. We'll lock on course, straight through the universe. You and me, and the galaxy. Reach the stage, where hyperdrive's engaged. Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun. Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun. Solo (silne zkresleni): E-----------------------------7-8--8/12--12~~~-13-12-13-12-13-12--------------| B----------8----8-10.-10-8-10--------------------------------------1310~~~~--| G-------9.--------------------------------------------------------------------| D-7/10------------------------------------------------------------------------| E-14/17~~~~~~-------17~~~~17~~~~~~~----| B-------18~~~-17/19~~~~19~~~~~19~~~(8)-| E--------------------------------| B-8--11--10-----------9--8-------| G------------------7-------------| E---------------------------------9-10-----| B-----------10----10-12.-12-10-12----------| G-------11.--------------------------------| D-9/12-------------------------------------| E-12/14-12/14--12^^10----10--12b14-12-10----| B----------------------12-----------------12-| E------10~~~10~~~(7)----------10~~~10~~~10~~~-| B-5/8~~~~~8~~~~~~-------6/9-9~~~~9~~~~9~~~~~~-| E--------------------------------------------------------------| B-10--13--12----------11--10-------10--13--12----------11--10--| G------------------9--------------------------------9----------|