Midnight Getaway (Garcia Jerry)

I heard you round about midnight Slipping out of the bed You thought that I was fast asleep Heard your slippers in the midnight hallway And I heard you rustling around Trying not to make a sound Heard the tap of your high heels And the click of the lock on the door Baby, I hope you know what you're doing Heard you walking down the stairs And I counted them one by one One for each year that flew by Heard you stop and turn back once Then I thought that I heard you sigh Or maybe it was the breeze Heard the jingle of your keys Then you stumbled and cursed the cat That was sleeping on the stairs under the stars Heard you open the car door softly You must have been there half an hour Turning it all round in your head Were you sitting there waiting For me to come down and call your name? I wonder, were you waiting for me Waiting for me, waiting for me, waiting for me Then I heard the motor turn over And I heard you driving away Way before the break of day Heard your engine for a long, long time 'Cause the night was so cold and quiet As you made your getaway in the night