Sing (Travis)

F#mi Hmi 1. Baby, you've been going so crazy Hmi F#mi Lately, nothing seems to be going right F#mi Hmi Solo, why do you have to get so low Hmi You're so You've been waiting in the F#mi sun too long A E R: But if you sing, sing Hmi A sing, sing, sing, sing E Hmi For the love you bring won't mean a thing A Unless you sing, sing, sing, sing 2. Colder, crying on your shoulder Hold her, and tell her everythings gonna be fine Surely, you've been going to early Hurry, cause no one's gonna be stopped R: F#mi Hmi Baby, there's something going on today Hmi But I say nothing, nothing, nothing, F#mi A Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing R: