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If (Red hot chilli peppers)

And if I had a clue I'd know exactly What to do If I were the wiser of the two. And if I saw it all so clear I'd write it down and bend your ear If I were the clearer of the two. We could take a walk into the Canyons of the fifth avenue Sing and Dance Just to name a few. All I do All I do And if I heared the Angels sing I'd Sing it back to you and bring the Sound of heaven ringing just for you And if I saw the sun fall down I'd pick it up and make a crown One that was a perfect fit for you. We could take a walk Into the apple orchard by the school We could make a little residue We could find a place to stay A secret little hide away Spend a little time inside of you All I do All I do All eyes All eyes All eyes on you All I do All I do All I do All I do