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Knock Me Down (Red hot chilli peppers)

Verse 1- Never too soon to be through. Being cool, too much too soon. Too much for me and too much for you. You're gonna lose in time. Don't be afraid to show your friends. That you hurt inside (inside). Pain's part of life don't hide behind your false pride... It's a lie.. your lie. Chorus- 2x If you see me getting by, If you see me getting high, Knock me down. I'm not bigger than life Verse 2- I'm tired of being untouchable. I'm not above the love. I'm part of you and you're part of me. Why did you go away? Finding what you're looking for Can end up being, being such a bore. I pray for you most every day. My love's with you, now fly away. Chorus 2x Instrumental Break Chorus 6x -Woman singing- It's so lonely when you don't even know yourself.. it's so lonely. 4x -Fades-