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In Old England Town (Boogie No. 2) (Electric Light Orchestra)

Down, down, you can see them all rising gaily to the top keep on rising babe you know you got a long drop you better cling cos it's the done thing Down, down, at the Policemans Ball They're all dancing in a line keep on gruntin boys you know you're doin fine come quickly I've been strangled Down, down, at the Military they're all marching round and round keep them boots shined and that still upper lip down Ablution Revolution Down, down, at the launching pad giant phallus stands erect ten thousand tons of waste throb then eject look out space, we're gonna change our place Down, down, in old England Town there was air and now there's smoke let's build more cars and drive away before we choke suddenly it's always night time Down, down, at that nice Trade Fair all the money gone astray let's inflate this price and float away just you and me and everyone...