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Momma (Electric Light Orchestra)

She came up from the country with a smile for everyone she left her blue horizon just to find another home a lonely girl who'd travelled many days a lonely heart that could not find a way (chorus) and she said Momma, it's a hard life now you're gone Momma, it's so hard to carry on and I feel I'm a fool who lost it all you used to make it all so very clear that life must go on though the end is near oh Momma, it's a sad and lonely life A misty morning rider she came wandering through the hills a wanderin soul appearin over rainy window sills a loser in her heart, but in her face a smile for everyone under God's grace (chorus) Midnight maiden madness, what to search for in this place gateway to the city, night sky shadows on her face a lady lost in nowhere but her stare leaves the world, her life to start somewhere (chorus)