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Nightrider (Electric Light Orchestra)

I remember somewhere in the rain, The faces of the passers-by, Staring faces broken blinds, I recall the situation clearly standing in a crowded car, I can feel the need in me. CHORUS: Hold on, nightrider baby, Hold on you're a nightrider, Riding the night, searching for what is gone, Never reaching the end, so you must travel on. I still see that vision of delight, While cruising on the black of night, But she keeps a step ahead, Looking out the corner of her world, Nobody ever knows a girl, who once lived along this way. CHORUS: Repeat Desolation degradation row, Don't let the feeling show, She's a ten a penny dream, Faces with no name and no address, Keep staring in on my distress, but she kills me with her smile. CHORUS : Repeat