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So Serious (Electric Light Orchestra)

Night after night I try to make it all fit together Night after night I see you as someone I remember You took me by surprise Opened up my eyes Now we gotta talk this over. CHORUS: Can it really be so serious? To be all broken up and delirious I guess we've really been out of touch But can it really be so serious? (Serious, so serious) Day after day I know it's not the way that you wanted it Day after day I try to find the key, but it don't fit But you know how it is No matter what I did We gotta talk it over. REPEAT CHORUS Tonight, tonight I'm thinking over everything you said to me Tonight, tonight I'm sorry, but I just didn't see And now it's up to you There's nothing else to do We've gotta talk it over. REPEAT CHORUS Serious, so serious Is it so serious? Serious, so serious...