The Mirror (Eclipse)

It's time to plunge in the world of ... deprivation? When I was looking in the mirror I found out I could break on Through to the other side if only I wanted And I've been there The birds were seeking refuge on the highest trees And sadness and terror were sown like grains of wheat On the boundless field of forgetfulness I found fear Nesting in the farthest places of the planet I saw people's disputes Dirty, wandering from place to place Anger and hatred walking in pairs Giving oneself away to lustful kisses And love - full of fear, grey and sad Was hidden in the middle of it all... somewhere deep And I brought out the sword of truth I wanted to disperse the darkness But all my thoughts were wrapped up by black fog Pulling the weapon out of my hands It covered me softly with its tentacles And the truth evaporated, like it had never existed It is time to plunge in the world of ... deprivation ? And I believed I believed in fear, hatred and violence And my faith was unshaken I looked in the mirror again To see my soul completely And there weren't truth or love anymore Only anger was filling my heart like fire