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TV Man (The Bolshoi)

Wake up, switch on I eat my breakfast and the picture goes wrong Give it a slap, Give it a jog I better hurry or I'll miss the epilogue Ride high without a saddle Down the rapids on a boat without a paddle I am the scourge of the High seas Just you watch'em running when They hear about me Chorus: One two three... Hail t.v. Watching dirty harry Made a man of me Here I stand, t.v. man I've got all the angels Eating out of my hand... I got the good, Bad and ugly traits But even dirty harry was allowed to make mistakes... Knock, knock, There's someone at the door I can't imagine, I Can't imagine I can't imagine What they come around here for... Could be the rent... Or h.p. Whatever it is they gonna bleed me I've got no money...